Meet Jade

Hey guys did you notice my kick-ass new banner?

My friend, Leah, said "I don't know…this girl's eyes are scary." To which I responded, "Hell, yeah!"

That was the validation I needed.

Now that my contemporary novel, ONE HIT WONDER, has hit the e-shelves. I felt it was time to concentrate on the urban-fantasy story I'm writing and as a visual artist, I needed visual motivation.

I've contacted the artist Svenja Liv to create the portrait of Jade. I found Svenja's site by accident when looking for a word-meter to display my work-in-progress. (the nifty word-meter on the left sidebar was designed by her.)

I visited her gallery on devianart and voilá, she was open to take commissions!

It was a leap of faith, but it certainly paid off. After only a few emails, I've sensed Svenja was a serious artist and when the time came to close the deal I've sent full advance payment for the drawing.

Svenja then send me several work-in-progress sketches and was incredibly open to all my requests. AND she designed the banner above--for free!

Moral of the story: Take chances!

I now have a great illustration to go with my work (perhaps even a book cover) and I got to know better this amazing artist that lives halfway across the world who guess what? Is also a writer.

Here's a little about Svenja in her own words:

I started drawing when my mother put a crayon in my hand, when I was a year old. I haven't really stopped since, but I did exchange the crayon for some slightly better tools! Now I'm a freelance artist and designer. I do game art, character portraits, and a lot of book covers and illustrations. I'm originally from Germany, but I've lived in Ireland for more than half my life and call it home. And yes, I am a writer, although not a published one, unless you count academic stuff. I'm still working on finishing my first novel so I can send it out into the world.

You can see Svenja's work at: http://svenjaliv.deviantart.com and http://facebook.com/svenjaliv


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