Dialogue Nugget Sunday - Soulmate's Curse

  “Why do you hook up with this type of guys?” Melanie once asked me when I’d brought to our table a very attractive self proclaimed “artist” who thought his best work was a series of nude self-portraits.
“What’s wrong with his type?” I said, staring into his tush.
“They’re so shallow and stupid, among other things.”
“Come on, Mel, he’s hot.”
“Would you really have a relationship with a guy like him? He’s dumb as a rock.”
“Maybe…” I said without taking my eyes from him. “I’m sure he has many other qualities.” He propped his foot on a stool’s footrest as he waited for our drinks and his round and firm buttocks stretched his jeans. “Look at that ass. Don’t you just want to take a bite?”
Melanie giggled. “You’re impossible.”
“Mel, relax. I’m not looking for my soulmate or anything I just want to have fun.” I said laughing inwardly at the truthfulness of my statement, which she would never know. For her, going out was all about finding the right guy; for me, it was all about not. Humans were unable to be happy on their own. Everything had to be about love, and family, and connection. I was inherently connected to Earth, its energy traveled through me, filling me with power and life. I didn’t need anything else.

Soulmate's Curse* by Denyse Cohen coming in November 2012
*Advance Excerpt from Soulmate's Curse. Because this is such an early excerpt, there are likely to be changes in the final text or title.

Meanwhile check out my contemporary romance: One Hit Wonder,
or sexy short story: Johnnie Blue.


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