King of Selfies

I have been thinking long and hard about creating a regimen schedule to blog at least twice a week. Honestly, with everything that goes on in my life, blogging is the least of my worries. Until, I turn on my laptop and see that blogging is part of life. Wanting or not, "platform" is the it word for anyone who depends on lots people knowing about you and what you do to achieve success.

While the mystery about creating meaningful content and garnering followers (i.e. people who gives a s#@t) remains, I thought the article "The meanings of the selfie" by James Franco (yes, the actor) was interesting.

James Franco explains the power of the selfie,
I can see which posts don’t get attention or make me lose followers: those with photos of art projects; videos telling the haters to go away (in not so many words); and photos with poems. (Warning: Post your own, and you’ll see how fast people become poetry specialists and offer critiques like “I hate you, you should die.”)
But a well-stocked collection of selfies seems to get attention. And attention seems to be the name of the game when it comes to social networking.
And while I understand James Franco is a celebrity and people would be interested in looking at his face and don't give a second thought about mine, and I, deep down, like much more the Casey Neistat's approach for Instagram as he shows on this video.

I've decided to give selfies a try. I'm going to post selfies as often as I can, starting today for, let's say, six months. At the end of my experiment, I'll report back how many new followers I got on Instagram (as of today, I have 48) and which selfie got more likes.

Here's selfie number 1:

look me up on instagram @denysecohen for six months worth of selfies

Okay, it's not my best hair day.  But being no James Franco, and realizing people really don't care to look at my plain ol face, I think a little make up (i.e. photoshop) will help keep them interested. Don't you think?

I guess we'll find out in six months.



  1. Hey, Denise. Saw your post at RWCList and just wanted to drop by and say Happy New Year. So glad I did. Sweetie, you need to get some rest! LOL Be interesting to see how your experiment works. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Marsha. Happy New Year!

  2. I've given up on blogs because I think it's pretty true what they say, the only people who look are other writers. Not readers. And it's a timesuck.

    1. Hi Linda, I see your point! That's why I blog every three months or so, but I'm going to give it another try.

  3. I have been struggling with the to blog or not to blog question too. I have tried the blogging when I have something to say approach and that hasn't really worked. I have been thinking about trying for once a week. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.
    I look forward to hearing the results of your "study"

  4. Thanks Alicia. I still fantasize I'm going to write a book so fundamentally awesome I can become a hermit allergic to internet and people will still care. Until then, I'll continue stressing about "platform" and blogging.


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